Thank you for coming to my site to see our beautiful Alaskan Auroras!

My name is Laura Ferguson, and I live in the Knik Glacier Valley outside Palmer, Alaska. The valley is the perfect place to capture the aurora as she gallops across the sky. With beautiful mountains and water for nice reflections I often just step out my door when aurora is out. We are so lucky that with modern technology we know hours in advance if an aurora is shooting towards us from the sun. I often spend all night out waiting and watching and bring my 2 BIG dogs ( 355 lbs. together ), Karl and Odee for company. They love the long nights out because they know dog snacks are sure to appear! In the quiet of an early morning we can hear owls hooting, the cry of a wolf, and once we had a lynx come check us out while at the Swan Pond. Our Aurora Cycle is winding down after 4 years of amazing displays. It has been a great experience to live and photograph Alaska’s Auroras!